• Dominant,  Submissive

    An Introduction to Online Domming By: PatronSaintOfFatAsses

    Find this blogger and fellow panty seller at https://www.allthingsworn.com/profile/patronsaintoffatasses   As I’ve said before in one of my previous blogs: there’s no one article on how to be an online Dominatrix. There’s no easy explanation. A lot of becoming a good Mistress comes from practice, skill, and learning. It’s easy to forget, or not even realize, that BDSM isn’t just about what feels good. There’s a bit of research and learning that needs to go into it. BDSM is an intimidating phrase that’s associated with so many kinks, roles, positions, toys, whips, chains, phrases, etc. that are out there, and it almost feels impossible to dip your toe into the…


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