Panty Selling

So, you’re pregnant, Is your selling journey over?

Boost sales and keep listings fresh!

Maybe you’ve just found out you are about to have a bundle of joy, but then you think of your selling passion. Is it over? You ask yourself this question and wonder how you can still make sales while pregnant.


Here are a few of my personal tips from one mama-to-be to another.


  1. Make sure your buyers know: You are shortly going to be a “milf” and that is one very popular fetish, so take advantage by announcing your news as soon as you are comfortable doing so. You might just see a spike in sales!
  2. Take advantage of those pregnancy panties: You might have more “pungent” panties right now and that’s something to celebrate! Take advantage of those extra scented panties while that belly grows by announcing stronger smelling panties due to pregnancy.
  3. Consider selling “other” goods: What I mean by “other” is something you are probably very familiar with which are products like bodily fluids or clothing. If you are peeing like crazy, bottle it up, advertise it and make your money! You never know how those annoying side effects of this amazing time can bring in sales.
  4. Sell those sweaty clothes: Are you sweating a lot? You might be, especially at night and while this is a normal side effect of pregnancy, you may be washing t-shirts or bras every single day. Well, stop! Advertise those sweaty goods, before throwing them in the wash, with pictures so buyers who are searching for these items will see them and come to you!
  5. Show off that belly: If you have a visible baby bump, show it off in your pictures and videos. Update your current listings with that beautiful, new body and make sure to show that amazing belly. Not only is pregnancy a highly searched word when people are searching for porn, but according to Pornhub, women are the ones topping this search by being 25% more likely to search for pregnancy porn than men.
  6. Sell your outgrown clothing, too: Blue jeans, a cute halter top, an old bra. We all have them and we may still wear them, but as our body changes in pregnancy, those items may go into storage boxes. Well they don’t have to! Advertise those too! Clothing searches are high on a lot of panty selling websites due the crossdressing fetish, so take advantage and sell those skinny jeans you can’t squeeze into or an old bra that just doesn’t fit anymore. This way you not only get rid of older clothing, but you make money to buy things you CAN wear.




I’m just in the start of my pregnancy but I feel even sexier than ever! Even though it’s tough sometimes, I love selling and am so glad it doesn’t have to stop. The fetish community is eternally supportive most of the time and it’s amazing that something so beautiful can be included in the list of ever growing fetishes we have to offer and explore.


If you’re a mom or a pregnant mom-to-be, let me know your thoughts and tips. Let’s support one another and help each other out through this time.

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