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The Rules of Panty Selling By DayDreamScapes from Scented Pansy

Note for reading, SP=Scented Pansy

The first rule is, we don’t talk about Panty Selling

Just kidding, we can’t STOP talking about it! Whether it’s someone’s TikTok promising yacht party level salaries or the latest HuffPost article talking about laid off moms camming to make ends meet, the “secret” life of panty sellers is out there now. But what none of these other articles tell us is that it’s more than just shaking your ass in some skimpy lingerie. Sex work requires mutual respect just as much as it requires self respect. There’s been an unspoken covenant between sellers, but I think it’s time we finally say it out loud for anyone out there who’s still confused about it.

1. Follow the Golden Rule

Remember kindergarten? Remember seeing this giant signs everywhere saying, “Do Unto Others as You Would Have Done to You”? Treat people how YOU want to be treated! We’re all putting ourselves out there in all our birthday suit glory and you know what? It doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s still a little nerve racking to open yourself up to the judgey world of the internet. So before you start kink shaming or “not gonna say names but…”, think about how a snarky status about your latest listing would make you feel. And if you’re so confident that you think shitty comments wouldn’t affect you, please share your secrets in the comments below!

2. Don’t Steal Shit

Look, there’s a finite amount of listing ideas ok, there’s gonna be a lot of similar postings. I mean, how many clever puns are there really about pussy pops? But literally copying and pasting someone’s listing or status is NEVER ok. If you’re too lazy to think of 3 sentences to describe your scent or what is in your G Drive, you’re probably to lazy to even provide a legit product. By ripping off vetted sellers just to advance your own business, you’re just showing the entire SP community that you not only have no respect for your fellow sellers, but none for yourself either. It’s also misleading to buyers as they think they’re buying something special from you, but instead are getting a second rate knock off.

3. Don’t be a Scammer

This should be self evident, yet here we are. We all know how to spot a fake profile, but the real scammers are better than that. See a seller who seems nice and is active and has mostly good reviews, but there’s a few bad ones that’s seem to be complaining about the same issue? Well, would you buy a product that had 20% of reviews saying it didn’t even work? I wouldn’t! I’d keep searching for something that I felt confident in buying. A fair amount of sellers don’t start out with the intention to rip people off or provide a less-than product, but it happens. Whether it’s that you got overbooked and didn’t complete all your wears or that you’re having shipping issues, if you don’t communicate and/or refund orders that weren’t completed, then you’re scamming people out of their money, period. And when you do that, it affects all of us. If you need help, just reach out to a more veteran seller or stop offering that service. No amount of money that you’re getting on SP is worth burning your panty selling bridge.


You don’t have to want to be apart of some panty selling sisterhood or even be friends with other sellers on the site! But if you want to maintain any sort of longevity in this business, you need to be honest and genuine. We’re all here for a fun, more personal experience and SP is a great forum for that, as long as everyone follows the “rules”!


Written by a fellow seller, DaydreamScapes.

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