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What Panty Buyers & Sellers Should Know About Vaginal Discharge by VelvetCrush

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This article is written by myself, VelvetCrush, a RN. Though I don’t give my full name, I truly am an experienced registered nurse. All of this information can be verified if you choose to do further research. I will leave references to make that easier for you at the end.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s talk about vaginas. Specifically, normal and abnormal vag discharge, risk of STDS and how that should reflect the selling and buying of used panties and pantyhose.

Is panty sniffing safe?

Bottom line, yes, under normal circumstances it’s completely fine. If you’re sniffing your mother’s panties or stealing panties, this isn’t quite right. People have a right to consent to have their panties sniffed. And there are plenty of consenting ladies offering their used panties on ATW!

Why do vaginas have discharge anyway?

Normal vaginal discharge helps keep vaginal tissues healthy, provide lubrication and protect against infection and irritation.


What are normal vag juices?

Lots of times ladies show the discharge laden gussets (crotch) of their panties to their potential clients. Is more better? What color is it supposed to be? Why does it vary so much?

As I’m quite sure panty buyers are aware, vaginal discharge and aromas vary from woman to woman and even from time to time for the same woman (depending on menses, spermicidal use, pregnancy, sexual partners, medications, foods eaten, hormonal changes and more).

A broad, general description of “normal” vaginal discharge is clear or milky white, smelling tangy (it’s acidic) and earthy or slightly musky. It can be strong or weakly scented. Some have even said it can smell like marijuana (likely from sweat and not vaginal discharge). Overall, it’s a familiar fragrance that is enjoyed by many.

A copper odor and brown color is usually normal as well and indicates bleeding has occurred. If you’re a woman who is bleeding heavily or have periods that are off or have pain and bleeding after sex, you should see your doctor. While I’m here, please don’t forget to have your yearly pap smears and well-woman checks! As a nurse, I would be amiss if I didn’t remind you, ladies!

As far as consistency, vaginal discharge can be thin and watery, thick and sticky or slimy (fun fact: When it’s mucusy and “stringy” between your fingers it indicates ovulation).

Feel free to smell your own panties, Ladies! Women should recognize their own scent and be able to tell when it changes or is “off.”

What’s absolutely not normal:

Thick white (think cottage cheese), usually indicating a yeast infection (with or without odor). Thin or thick yellow or green discharge can indicate a bacterial or other infection (see your doctor).

Abnormal smells are fishy (bacteria), sweet, beer or bread-like (yeast) or generally pungent and unpleasant.

If buyers receive a pair of panties that smells abnormal they should either A) not buy from that person again or B) ask for a refund. It is not cool to leave a bad review or call a person out for their odor, whatever it may be. Other factors that can affect the smell of panties/pantyhose are simply the packaging and time spent in the mail. There may have been bacteria build up after it was sent if it was kept damp. Conversely, a lot of the fragrance could be lost in transit as well. Let’s all be nice. Panty selling is not an exact science.

Can you catch an STD/HIV from panty sniffing?

Good question! I’m glad you asked.

NOPE! Even if your nose had the suction power of a hoover you cannot contract HIV from panty sniffing. Licking panties is OK too. If a bare penis (no condom) does not enter the mouth, vagina or anus of another person, you will not get an STD. Absolutely no risk. So sniff away!

Ladies, you should, however, refrain from selling panties if you’re experiencing the abnormal discharge described above or have lesions, growths, burning, itching, swelling, pain or any other abnormal vaginal/vulvar symptoms and see your doctor.

Our sense of smell is one of life’s pleasures. The aroma of our genitals enhances our sexual arousal and pleasure whether we think about them or not. Whether normal or abnormal, our odors are nothing to be ashamed about, ever.

Don’t be embarrassed by your sexual arousal of vaginal odors. It’s perfectly normal to be aroused by bodily fragrances. Our bodies secretions are normal and there for a reason. Feel free to enjoy!

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