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Reflection and Starting Again

I was looking back over life in general this year and I started feeling motivated to write again. Not gonna lie, I am stoned and watching a phenomenal movie about feminism and revenge, so this may be a one time thing, although I hope not.

2020 hasn’t been the best year for anyone on the damn planet, so when I think of how it’s affected me, I think most can empathize when I say Ive been stressed the fuck out!

I do know though, that this won’t last forever, AKA, this too shall pass. Yep, I said it. “Recovery” talk. Gross, huh? I think so. I mean it’s no secret I’m in recovery. Alcohol was something I relied on…but definitely don’t need. I relapsed more times than I care to state and this time is no different, except my disease was on steroids this time. I mean I didn’t end up in jail, in a hospital or a grave, so I would say I am doing fine, but I did alienate people, burn bridges, be a hateful person…and the list goes on. That’s what it does to me.

So anyway, I am sober today. It’s not been long and honestly that’s not what this blog is about, but it’s also never an off limits topic. I just know that I am better when I am sober and that includes this blog. I put my heart and soul and slobber into this writing and if I were to not be honest with my readers and just let the blog build up under the moss and grass and swamp water of life, then I would be doing all of you a disservice.

I plan to have more interviews, sexy articles, sexy toy reviews, movie reviews and more. If you have ideas, then msg me. If you want to write for me, msg me!


Until next time,

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