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Seller Interview: Dalma Rosa

1. Tell me a little about you and how you became a sex worker/panty seller?

I’m Dalma, a panty seller from Scotland but I live in Spain. I’m 40 years old and I’ve been selling panties since December 2018. I started selling when I needed to raise money for a few months. Soon after I started selling, I discovered that I loved it. Now I don’t need to do it but I choose to do it. 

After a few months of selling I found that I loved talking about it so much that I started a blog and a podcast. We’re still going 45 episodes later, which has been a surprise to me but good fun. I love helping other sellers.

2.     Where do you sell and what types of items or services do you sell?

At the moment I sell on Scented Pansy, Snifffr, All Things Worn, House of Fetish, Erotic Dreams UK and Kinkie. I have profiles everywhere! 🙂 

I sell panties primarily but also pictures and pre-mades depending what mood I’m in. 😉 

3.     What do you love about what you do and what do you hate?

I love the challenge it brings. I love generating sales from simple conversations. I love satisfying my customers in a way that fits in so easily with my life. I love working for myself and learning all there is to know about selling and marketing myself. I love the self-confidence that the work brings.


Like any industry, there are things that need to be improved but are just par for the course. I dislike the scammers, who make things so difficult for genuine sellers. I dislike it that sellers feel they need to seriously underprice to make sales (you don’t) and therefore drive the market price down. I dislike abusive and degenerate men who have complete disregard for the outcomes of their actions and behaviours. I hate that PayPal does not support sex workers making an income. 

4.     Tell me a funny story about a funny or weird experience you had doing this?

I have one woman at the post office who is very suspicious of me. She keeps questioning me about what’s inside and feeling the packet. There are only two women that work there and I dread it when I get her. I told her I knit socks by hand, but I think she’s clocked that all my customers are men!!! 🙂 

5.     Looking back on your life, does it surprise you that you got into this business or was this something you would have always considered doing?

Weirdly, my mum always wanted me to be a Page 3 model (topless). She told me I’d earn lots of money. It’s a shame I waited until my boobs disappeared (post-breastfeeding) to get into this otherwise I’d have multiplied my income haha.

6.     Does your family or friends know you do this and if so, are they supportive? How did they react when you told them?

My husband knows and is completely supportive. He’s heard and seen it all now! I tell him everything.

Five friends know. They’re not bothered at all. Some had questions but others didn’t ask anything, which surprised me.

7.     If a girl came to you about wanting to get into sex work, what would top three pieces of advice be?

The biggest problem I see is sellers wanting overnight success. Basically wanting the following or the income right now. Yes, you can make bank very quickly but it pays to have a long-term view and see that this is a journey. You’re going to learn A LOT and you can’t just be handed it on a plate.

Also, focus on the right things. Focus on building know, like and trust with a regular customer base. Do not focus on what others are doing, what they look like, comparing yourself, number of followers or reviews. All that stuff means NOTHING. Just do the work. Success will follow.

8.     What has doing this job done for you? Do you feel you’ve changed for the better, stayed the same, felt more empowered?

It’s obviously earned me a good sum of money. I’ve learned a lot about sales and marketing and what it takes to work more effectively and not so scattered. I’ve had a few online businesses but this is the first that has REALLY taught me how to work online. 

I had preconceived ideas about sex workers that have completely blown out the water now that I am one. And it took me a long time to admit that. I had an inner narrative operating for a while that told me I was bad or not a nice girl for doing this. Over time I’ve been able to shed that bullshit and just enjoy the income for me and my family. And helping others to earn too has been a real bonus.

9. I know you have a blog about panty selling as well, can you tell us a bit about that?

I have 200 blog posts on how to sell panties online. Nobody is as surprised as me that there is so much to talk about in this industry. There really isn’t a lot of information out there that doesn’t belong to a platform and they have a vested interest in painting a picture about selling panties that isn’t 100% based in reality. They want your business so they tell you it’s easy or you can make $90 per pair. I feel like my role in this community is to be a beacon of truth and reality to ground new sellers into what it’s like to work in this industry and how to maximise your results.

I created a group for sellers called Sellers Before Fellas, which has been a great way to connect with hundreds of women. It’s been my pleasure to help thousands of women through the podcast and I will continue to do so until the time is right for me to leave the industry. It’s fun and I love it.

I have some free training and pricing guide for new sellers, which they can access on my site 


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