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    The ins and outs of lube

    When the word lube is mentioned, most people don’t think of cars. Lube is a must have for most sex sessions and to be honest, it’s not just something that people feel have to use just because they are a bit dry down there. Lube can actually enhance sex and make it a lot more pleasurable for both partners and  a lot of people love using lube during sex. Something to know is that lubes aren’t cut from the same mold and what might work for one person, may not work for another.   What is lube anyway?   Adam & Eve Masturbator Lube Slippery Lube For Stroke-tacular Sensations! Get…

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    Introducing “The Swain” Column

    A new addition to the site is a column written by a man who loves to wear panties. It’s going to include his reviews of panties made for men and men’s toys. It started a couple of months ago, I, a heterosexual man with a woman who was getting adult toys for reviews asked her to get some for me too. They sent out some I was scared to use, some monstrosities of devices that would make my penis shrink in fear. There were anal toys, prostate massagers, cock rings and masturbation tools. I tried some, looked in fear at others, and enjoyed a couple. I will be writing reviews…

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    The Glory of Self-Love

    How masturbation and selling my panties helped me feel like a goddess. Well, you already know what this article is about from the subject, but bear with me as I tell you how masturbation and my panties helped me learn the true definition of self-care and self-discovery. I grew up in a very religious household. The kind of household where I was told I was sinning if I had an impure thought. Because of this, i thought I was sinning every single minute of every single day. I would see boys at school= impure thought. I would see articles in a magazine about underwear=impure thought. I would hear a song…

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    Are “body safe” sex toys really better?

    A quick overview of what’s inside your toy! Maybe you have heard of the term “body safe” when it comes to sex toys and maybe you haven’t, but you really should know what it means and why you should buy body safe toys. It’s not just about a label, it’s about your health and long-term wellness. So, what exactly does “body safe” mean? In its simplest terms: It’s a toy made from materials that are non-porous and safe to insert into the body. Examples of body safe: Pure silicone (medical grade/food grade) Glass Metal (stainless steel/surgical steel) Some woods Ceramic stone Examples of potentially toxic/unsafe materials: Plastic Jelly Any porous material that can…


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