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Scammers: How to safeguard yourself as a buyer…

And be taken seriously as a seller.


We’ve all probably dealt with scammers and time wasters on the sites we sell or buy on or at least reading how others are dealing with it and honestly, it’s just plain pissing me off!

There are hundreds of sellers on these site who take what they do very seriously. We are here because we love what we do and want to be here for legitimate reasons. The same goes for buyers.

Buyers want a safe and secure place to buy the items they are searching for and it’s up to us, sellers, to make sure we provide a safe community for them.

As legit sellers, we respect and love our buyers and want to make sure we provide the best service and the safest experience, not only for them, but ourselves as well. If we do everything we can to keep ourselves safe, then buyers have a better sense of security buying from us, too.


As a buyer, how do you safeguard yourself against scammers?


  • First, ONLY work with ID verified sellers. If you don’t see that they are ID verified on a specific site, then scroll on by. Everyone on these sites can ID verify and not enough people do. This gives both buyers AND sellers a sense of security, knowing not only that the person is legit and of age, but also that they aren’t stealing photos off the net or other sellers.
  • Next, trust your gut. If you are concerned, do a reverse image search or find a seller with good reviews. Shop around and don’t settle on the first seller you see. Make sure they are active and interacting with others on the site.


How does a seller get taken seriously and not assumed to be a scammer?


  • As a seller, I know it’s frustrating waiting for your first sale and review, but the most important thing is your reputation. Make sure you are ID verified, active and post ONLY photos of you. Starting off on the site by stealing pics from other sellers or posting fake pics you found on google, will NOT help you gain buyers trust on the site.


  • If you aren’t too sure about a buyer, ask other sellers for input. If the buyer wants you to give them a service BEFORE payment, then don’t waste your precious time on them. Legit buyers will NOT even attempt to ask that question


  • Buyers don’t want a sales pitch. If you want to approach a buyer and chat, that’s one thing, but automatically asking them to buy something without even as much as getting to know them only makes them feel like they are a money tree, so don’t do it. We all deserve respect and the way to get it, is to give it.


Selling and buying is nerve-racking when you are new, but following a few simple rules can greatly help you out.


I would love to hear your thoughts!


With Love,








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